segunda-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2016

It's easy as Life

This is the moment when the gods expect me 
To beg for help but I won't even try 
I want nothing in this world but myself to protect me 
But I won't lie down, roll over and die 
All I have to do is to forget how much I love him 
All I have to do is put my longing to one side 
Tell myself that love's an ever-changing situation 
Passion would have cooled and all the magic would have died 
It's easy, it's easy 

All I have to do is to pretend I never knew him 
On those very rare occasions when he steals into my heart 
Better to have lost him when the ties were barely binding 
Better the contempt of the familiar cannot start 
It's easy, It's easy 

Until I think about him as he was when I last touched him 
And how he would have been were I to be with him today 
Those very rare occasions don't let up they keep on coming 
All I ever wanted and I'm throwing it away 
It's easy, it's easy as life 

But then I see the faces of a worn , defeated people 
A father and a nation who won't let a coward run 
is this how the gods REWARD the faithful through the ages ? 
Forcing us to prove the hardest things we've done 
Are easy 
So easy 

And though I'll think about him 'til the earth draws in around me 
And though I choose to leave him for another kind of love 
This is no denial, no betrayal but redemption 
Redeemed in my own eyes and in the pantheon above 
It's easy 
It's easy as life 
It's easy as life 
It's easy as life

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